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Institute of Personal Financial Planning


The personal financial planning master's degree program consists of 36 credit hours. All students applying to the M.S. in Personal Financial Planning at K-State will complete the first six courses leading to completion of the K-State Personal Financial Planning Graduate Certificate. All courses are required for the master's degree and upon completion of the certificate portion of the program, students are eligible to take the CFP Certification Examination. Students automatically flow into the Great Plains IDEA upon successful completion of the graduate certificate in personal financial planning.

After completing 27 credits (9 courses) of required course work (Fundamentals, Insurance, Investments, Personal Income Taxation, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Case Studies, Financial Counseling, and Financial Theory and Research I) the remaining 9 credits (3 courses) are offered as electives under non-thesis (Option A). For M.S. research thesis (Option B), students will complete 6 credits of  M.S. Research in Family Studies and Human Services, and 6 credits (2 courses) from Theories and Research in Family Financial Planning II, Statistical Methods in FSHS I, or Introduction to Statistical Methods for the Sciences.

CourseCourse NameCredit Hours
For course descriptions, go to the course catalog, select "PFP" under the "Prefix" drop-down menu, and click "Filter" on the right-hand side of the page.
PFP 624Fundamentals of Family Financial Planning3
PFP 766Insurance Planning3
PFP 762Investment Planning3
PFP 760Families, Employment Benefits, & Retirement Planning3
PFP 772Personal Income Taxation3
PFP 764Estate Planning3
PFP 836Case Studies3
PFP 756Financial Counseling3
PFP 702Theories and Research in Family Financial Planning3
Option A (Electives vary by teaching institution, 9 hours required)
PFP 835Professional Practices 3
Choose two courses from the following: 
PFP 675Field Study in Family Economics3
FSHS 704Seminar in Family Studies and Human Services3
PFP 758Housing and Real Estate3
PFP 765Military Personal Finance3
PFP 768Introduction to Financial Therapy3
PFP 769Money and Relationships3
PFP 770Applied Behavioral Finance3
PFP 771Financial Therapy Theory and Research3
Option B
FSHS 899MS Research in Family Studies and Human ServicesVariable (6 credit hours required)
Choose two courses from the following:
PFP 802Theories and Research in Family Financial Planning II3
FSHS 806Statistical Methods in Family Studies and Human Services I3
STAT 703Introduction to Statistical Methods for the Sciences3

Students who are employed full time typically complete the program in two to three years. Students who participate in full-time study can shorten the time from matriculation to degree completion.

Option A does not require a thesis; however, you will be required to complete a case study report. The case study report will be developed and administered by your major professor, whom you choose upon entering the program.